Car waxing

200-250 Dhs

Provide a sacrificial layer to take abuse that might damage the clear coat. In addition applying a proper fine wax can cover small scratches or light blemishes. Wax is decreasing the effect of oxidation which occurs when the heat and oxygen combine that breaks down even the highest quality of vehicle paint.

Inside detailing

500 Dhs

800Wash will provide you deep cleaning with the professional tools i.e. steam cleaner, liquid/foam solutions and brushes for scrubbing your roof, dashboard, doors, seats, floor and the trunk.

Outside polishing

800 Dhs

The first thing people notice about the car is its exterior. That’s why 800Wash devote much of their time and attention to a vehicle’s body. By the steps of steam washing the car then claying it to remove bonded surface contaminants from your car that cannot be removed by the wash alone and needs to be eliminated before the polishing process. After that polishing stage comes where we apply three stages of polish to get the best shine from it.

Full detailing

Special offer = 599Dhs (discount 1000 Dhs)
full steam wash + inside detailing + outside polishing + car waxing = 1599 Dhs