Steam wash

One of the most recent car cleaning technologies to hit the market. This car cleaning method differs from all the other traditional cleaning techniques in several aspects:
It doesn’t use a lot of water – a pint can clean an entire car effortlessly.
It doesn’t make use of harsh chemical cleaning agents.
It can be used for both interior and exterior of the car.

Body steam wash

50 Dhs

Steam washing the exterior of the car to blast away stubborn dirt, mud and grime from the surface. Vacuuming and towel cleaning inside to make sure it returns clean.

Full steam wash

100 Dhs

Steam washing the exterior to deliver high quality cleaning that can last longer than the conventional car wash clean. In addition steam washing the interior aims to pick up dirt and dust from hard-to-reach areas like air vents, foot well and the small spaces between your dashboard buttons in addition steaming the interior will get of allergens and germs that accumulated over time.